OTB is an open source library available under the terms of the free software license CeCILL (compatible with GPL) . Source code tarballs and current binary packages are available for all or some of OTB, Monteverdi 1&2 depending on the system.

For testing and learning purpose, we also provide a sample dataset, which contains collections of data from different sources and in different formats which appear in the software guide examples.


Current version


The latest release is available from Sourceforge.

The source code for the library, for the applications and Monteverdi are all available. (if you're interested in the applications or Monteverdi only, you will need to build the library as well).

Binary packages

Packages are available for Windows, MacOS X and Linux distributions.


For Linux users

There are packages available for:


For Windows users

We provide OTB packages through OSGeo4W for OTB Applications and Monteverdi 1.
This packages are available directly in the OSGeo4W installer with the following names:
  • otb-bin and otb-python respectively for command lines and QT applications, and for Python applications
  • otb-monteverdi for monteverdi application

Select the package you want add let it guide by the installation process which will manage the installation of all dependencies needed.

We recommended to use this way to install the OTB packages on Windows.


For Mac users

OTB is available through:

  • MacPorts software
  • Mac homebrew formula
  • DMG image disk are also available for Monteverdi 1&2

More information on how to install those packages are available here.


Development version

Binary packages

Nighlty builds of Monteverdi for Windows and MacOS X are available here.

There are also a PPA with daily (or even multiple builds per day) for OTB projects.

Please keep in mind that these packages are based on the latest development version and as such are not guaranteed to work properly.



The current development version of OTB (and related projects) are available from mercurial repositories:

  • OTB

The current development version is available from the OTB mercurial repository at:

To get it, install mercurial on your computer:

  • apt-get install mercurial (for Debian based systems)
  • Install TortoiseHg for windows users


To get the development version of the library: hg clone

After that, when you need to update to the latest version again (remember, we keep adding new features) :

  • hg pull -u

  • or hg pull; hg update

  • OTB-Applications

The current development version is available from the OTB-Applications mercurial repository at:

  • Monteverdi

The current development version is available from the Monteverdi mercurial repository at:

  • OTB-Wrapping

The current development version is available from the OTB-Wrapping mercurial repository at:

  • OTB-Qgis-plugins

The current development version is available from the OTB-Qgis-plugins mercurial repository at:


Sample data


Sample datas are available from the OTB-Data mercurial repository at:

An extract containing the data presented in the software guide is available at:

OTB in OSGeo-Live DVD

OSGeo-Live is a self-contained bootable DVD, USB flash drive and Virtual Machine based upon Ubuntu Linux that is pre-configured with a wide variety of robust open source geospatial software.

OTB,OTB-Applications and Monteverdi are integrated in OsGeo-Live since version 4.5.

You can find more informations about the project here.